be happy envelope and card

Happy DIY card and envelope is a great way to send smiles

be happy envelope and cardOh happy days in a symphony of gold: FAV Shimmer in Hinted Gold and Pure Gold with a matching A2 envelope. Add some Shine, Gold, and stripes of Onyx by Stardream Metallics. Toss on some little candy bees by Wilton and the fun never ends for you and a lucky friend who gets handmade cheer. All paper is from Paper-Papers, in cardstock.

FAV Shimmer is created from an intelligent mixture of pigments and iridescent particles. The sophisticated mix creates a surface with metallic and glitter effect with a luxurious touch. It blends seamlessly with Shine Shimmer Metallics which combines natural minerals with organic particles for a rich luminous effect. It was developed to show through most printing inks, so the glow never ends.

envelope and paper used for cardThe FAV Shimmer Hinted Gold is used both on the side opening card that fits the A2 envelope, and the two toned triangle at the bottom. You can see the iridescence with the sideways turn of the paper. It is paired with Shine Gold; the organic pigments intensely glowing. The Onyx is a deep glowing black that adds rich black touches to the bee design. The Pure Gold stripe that defines the triangle matches the Pure Gold envelope. A couple of Hinted Gold dots match the bees eyes for a fun take on the bee design.

The lettering is die cut from Cherry Lynn, but any contrasting lettering will do fine. Wilton makes lots of cute little edible icing decorations that are delightful and solid enough to glue down. Eat a few bees as you go and Enjoy.

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