Happy New Year Paper Card

Happy New Year Paper Card

Here’s to 2018! May all your hopes and dreams come true. Celebration begins with only 2 papers, some premade letters, a Cheery Lynn corner die cut, B174 Lace Corner Deco 1, and a few circles of red glass bling.

The base card is cover weight, for strength, body, and an abundance of iridescent shine: Sapphire.  Stardream Metallics is special paper.  It is made in Italy, is two-sided, in both color and shine. You can print this pearlescent paper using both offset and a laser printer; I used the laser printer and ran it through twice to deepen the color. The shine comes through, which in person is a lovely effect.

For the inside message Fine Gold cover was used and with the die cuts Fine Gold text was used since the die cuts are intricate.

Using a full 8.5″ x11″ sheet of Sapphire, score and fold it in the middle. For the delicate corner dies, no one does it better than Cheery Lynn. Fine Gold text offers a clean cut.

The colorful letters, which add the Happy to New Year, are from my craft supplies, which are hard to find, so my suggestion is to either use stickers from a local craft store, or an alphabet die cut set, 1/2 tall, and some Permapaque Metallic Markers, or other high-quality markers, or alcohol ink, on some cotton or shimmery paper, and cut your own letters. With 1/2″ letters, it is hard to go wrong.  Memory Box has a die cut set I use these situations when premade cannot be done here is my favorite place to buy die cuts. Memory Box dies, an actual brand name always cuts both PaperPaper’s cover and text weight papers well. Here is their page of alphabet dies.

There are many papers that goof for using with the inks and markers, white being the easiest to color: Crush, White Corn or Natural Citrus. Try FAV Shimmer, Hinted Gold for a more luminescent effect that shines through the alcohol inks, being careful to apply it with any dauber or cheap makeup sponge.  You can also drop different colors and apply alcohol spray, which will spread better on the coated, shiny papers. As you know, if you have used Tim Holtz’s alcohol inks, they will stain anything, including your fingers, so use a silicone mat, or something similar, under your paper.

Now is the time to use the ink jet printer to apply a full sheet of color at once.  Nothing would be lovelier than ink jet colors on Stardream Metallics, FAV Shimmer, or Shine, to get a great distressed, soft, look and a mottled colored blend, for die cut the letters. Do one sheet at a time and spray acrylic it since you will be handling it. And you can use it sooner. Hold the spray can about 12″ above the paper and spray off to the sides in a sweeping motion so the spray eases onto the paper and doesn’t affect it.

The inside message is Fine Gold cover, 5″ wide by 4 7/8″ tall, rounded on the top corners, printed with the laser printer, and applied with ScorTape. The front letters, and die cut corners, and the red bling, were put on with small dots of Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue. The envelope is PaperPapers, Soft White, Gold Foil Lining in A9, to send the large New Years Card. The gold lining is nice look with the Fine Gold.

Happy New Year! Enjoy!

The products used in this craft are the following:

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