Holiday Gift Tags – Spread some JOY

Holiday Gift Tags – Spread some JOY



Spread Joy Gift Tag

Great ideas for making Gift Tags and Gift card holders – DIY fast and easy.

Foiled gift card tags, the little extra thank you for someone who has done something special or you for sending something to your loved one. These are 3.5″ wide, 5.5″ long, with the pocket openings at the top. Two have diagonal corner pockets and one is just a greeting tag, but you can cut it a little longer and turn it up for a pocket. I used Paper-Papers heavier cardstock: Stardream Metallic in Jupiter, Shine in Pearl White and FAV Shimmer in Silver. And some plain white cardstock thrown in the mix. They are lovely Christmas colors; the foils adding an extra shine to the already pearlescent papers. The corners were cut with an envelope board.

The foils are from; fast and simple to apply. Follow the link on the website to and follow the instructions. I found their foils to be the heaviest, so the results were consistent. Make sure the laser toner is on all of the darkest settings. I used the SM-330 laminator on a setting of 4. I did whole pages of the same design and cut several tags from each page. If you foil first and then die cut tags, put wax paper in the die cut first to protect the foiling.

Some of the foiled images are from Annelies Belemans,

She is very nice about letting you use them, just credit her.

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