Holiday Paper Christmas Tags

Holiday Paper Christmas Tags

Christmas Gift Tags by Susie

Christmas Gift Tags by Susie

Best stocking stuffers, ever: tags with a money pocket tucked inside and sealed with a ribbon through the tag hole. So fast, you will keep making them for all of your family and friends. Check them off your “Nice” list.  They are all made the same, with some being square and some being round. Some have more pockets than others and one has the second pocket on the outside. If you only want one pocket, snip off the extra strip. The papers used here are all cover weight with the exception of the Shine, Intense Gold, 80 lb text weight, which was used as an embellishment on the penguin card.

Cut an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of cover stock in half, then score and fold the pieces into halves yet again.  Each 8.5″x11″ sheet of cover stock will make two cards.  Score the bottom of the tag up 1.5″ and trim the middle score line up 1.5″.

If you want two pockets, then trim a thin 1/16th of a wedge on either side of the pocket, add pieces of .25″ ScorTape on either side of the pocket, pull the backing off, and fold up the pockets. To hold them together, use a hole punch and center a hole at the top.  Add ribbon through the hole, to hold the card together, after adding photos, or money, to the pockets.

If you want a single pocket, trim one of the pockets off neatly.

If you want a pocket on the front, add ScorTape to the other side of the pocket and fold it onto the front of the card.

The Christmas Tree, tag #2, has the tree tucked into the pocket.

The round card used a 4.25″ circle die. Extend the circle over the left side of the folded card, so you can run it through the die cutter all the way and leave some of the fold intact. The fold left intact is about 1.25″.  You will have control of the size if you tape the die into place before cutting it. It is a simple process and offers lots design for little effort. You can also hand cut it. I didn’t need to add more tape to hold the pocket in place.

Embellishments were added, mostly from Mulberry Paper on E-bay; I have them on hand. I used ScorTape to attach them, along with other bling.

The Penguin is on the Shine, Intense Gold, with his feet resting on Gilding Flakes. The Speckletone, Oatmeal, 80 lb cover, has copper adhesive tape on it.  The snowflakes were also available through your local craft store or E-bay. The Shine papers made the tags; the sparkle is a gift in itself. The Oatmeal was a perfect complement to the little houses with some snowflakes attached to ScorTape. There is a subtle speckle to the paper, more like a mottling, as if you can see where they pressed the paper fibers together. Very lovely in itself.  The dark, rich, matte Indigo, and the silver snowflakes are so elegant. Curious Skin papers are very smooth to the touch. They hold the color in deep tones. The Mohawk VIA Felt has a lovely, very subtle, herringbone, texture that adds interest. The braid with the stocking is fabric trim, taped on to the Pure Silver, with snowflakes sprinkled on it. This paper shines light to dark as you move it around.  All of the papers can be laser printed and therefore foiled;  I just wanted fast, for a larger number of gifts. Once you get going, it is hard to stop making these little tags. Enjoy!


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