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How Is Paper Weight Determined?

Even with the increasing use of technology in the workplace, paper is still a necessary feature for any office. It has even been estimated that each office worker in the United States uses about 10,000 sheets of paper every year.

Despite its continued use in offices throughout the United States, many businesses still have several questions about what wholesale paper they should be using, especially when it comes to paper weight. The following are a few questions and answers about paper weight and its various business applications.

How is Paper Weight Measured?

Paper weight can often be confusing since there are three ways to officially measure paper weight: the U.S. basis weight, the metric weight, and the points (or mils) system.

The U.S. basis weight is provided in pounds and is based on the weight of 500 sheets of paper for the basis size of a particular type of paper. For instance, the basis size of watercolor papers is 22 inches by 30 inches, and if you place 500 sheets of this style of paper on a scale, you’ll know the official paper weight.

Another method of measuring paper weight is the metric weight, which is measured in grams. This method measures the weight of a style of paper by weighing a 1×1 meter square of the of the paper and recording the weight in grams per meter squared (g/m^2).

Finally, paper weight can be measured using the points or mil system, which uses calipers to measure the exact thickness of one sheet of a paper style. Deciding on what method your business should order paper weight in is important to getting the right paper for your company’s purposes.

What Are Some Common Weights?

Now that you know the differences in how paper weight is measured, your company should know the common weights for several styles of paper. Cardstock wholesale paper can weigh from 50 to 110 pounds (135-300 g/m^2). Watercolor weighs at 140 pounds (300 g/m^2) and is slightly heavier than other styles of paper due to its use in holding water. Text paper, on the other hand, can vary from 50 to 100 pounds (74 to 148 (g/m^2) depending on the coating used (white shimmer paper, matte paper, etc). Remember these common weights next time your business needs to order more paper.

Understanding the difference between paper weights when buying bulk paper or wholesale paper can help your company know which style paper they need for their purposes. This, in turn, can decrease paper and financial waste since there is no need to waste money on unnecessary wholesale paper.


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