How to Make Spooky 3D Paper Trees for Halloween

Spooky 3D paper trees for Halloween

How to Make Spooky 3D Paper Trees for Halloween

Looking for easy DIY decorations for Halloween? These spooky 3D paper trees are very simple to make. Especially with a cutting machine!

To create your own spooky 3D paper trees for Halloween, all you need are a couple tools and black paper. We used PaperPapers Stardream Metallic Onyx cover weight paper to give our trees some shimmer and make them stand out a bit more. You only need one sheet of paper per tree.

Once you’ve gathered your tools and materials, head over to our site to download the template you need for these 3D trees. Then follow our photo tutorial below!

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather tools and materials. Then, download your template.
  2. Cut out tree following template, using a cutting machine (recommended) or tracing the template onto the cover weight paper and cutting out the parts with a craft knife. NOTE: The slots cut out in the trees to slide the pieces together are intended to work for cover/cardstock paper. If you adjust the size of the design, the pieces may not fit together properly.
  3. Slide together the first matching pair, “A” and “B.”
  4. Then slide on part “C.”
  5. Lastly, slide on part “D.” Ensure that matching pairs are not directly next to each other.
  6. Adjust the trunks and branches to fan out the tree evenly.
Spooky 3D paper trees for Halloween Spooky 3D paper trees for Halloween
Spooky 3D paper trees for Halloween

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  • Tree Lover
    Posted at 05:29h, 03 December Reply

    Nice 3D paper tree, it has birds on the branches. Maybe you can consider to create leafy trees. I like non spooky green trees.

    • Lia Griffith
      Posted at 10:00h, 04 December Reply

      Us too:-) We have some great trees on our site at using the beautiful papers from PaperPapers.

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