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How to Select the Perfect Envelope

Though we may never really think about it, envelopes play a key role in our society. Envelopes help messages of all kinds remain private until they arrive in the correct person’s hands. They deliver millions of paychecks and bills every day, playing their own small role in upholding the global economy.

With so many different functions, envelopes naturally come in a huge array of shapes and sizes. This variety certainly brings flexibility, but knowing which envelope is the right one for the job can get tricky.

If you’re a business manager or individual struggling to figure out which envelope you need, you’ve come to the right place. Use this quick guide to know which bulk envelopes to order from your favorite wholesale envelope supplier to get the job done:

Steps for Choosing the Best Envelope

1. Choose Your Style

When buying bulk envelopes, you’ll have a variety of styles to choose from. Some of the most common styles available at wholesale envelope suppliers include flap variations, like the classic diamond flap or the more contemporary wallet flap. The diamond flap offers timeless appeal for sending letters, while the wallet flap tends to look more formal and business-like. You could even select catalog envelopes or envelopes that have openings on a short end rather than a long end. These types offer greater security and are commonly used for document shipping purposes. Research these options and more to select the style that makes the most sense for your endeavor.

2. Select Your Size

After choosing the style of envelope, make sure the wholesale envelope supplier offers that envelope in the correct size. Generally, select an envelope that’s at least 5 millimeters larger than the paper for easy insertion. If you’re mailing thicker items, you’ll probably need an extra size or two larger to accommodate greater width.

3. Pick Your Material

While style and size are often non-negotiable, the type of paper you choose for your envelopes is largely a matter of personal preference. Thick card stock or white shimmer paper is a great choice for wedding invitations, while a more affordable, thinner paper might make sense for businesses looking to save money on mailing.

4. Determine How Many You Need

Finally, pick the number of envelopes you’ll need to complete your mailing, gifting, or crafting task. It’s always a good idea to buy extra envelopes to allow for mistakes. If you’re ordering envelopes for your business, buying envelopes in bulk quantities can even help your company save money over time!

According to the Gartner Group, about 15% of all paper documents are misplaced, and 7.5% of documents are lost completely. Buying the correct envelope is the first step to making sure your papers stay secure and don’t get lost. For more information or to place your envelope order, contact us at Paper Papers today!

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