How to Write a Love Note

How to write Love notes

How to Write a Love Note

The love note is an intimate tradition that goes back centuries. In medieval times, couples practicing the rules of courtly love would exchange letters that expressed unwavering devotion. Below we share a few tips for creating the perfect letter:

Love notes - step 1

Start with the foundation, or the materials you’ll use to craft the letter. Printer paper or a pre-made card may do well enough, but the more personalized your note, the better. Sturdy red or pink paper and high-quality ink will enhance the look and feel of your card.

Love notes - step 2

Use their name. Pet names are a beautiful way of showing affection, but one’s given name is the most personal thing you can use to address them.

Love notes - step 3

Be yourself when you write. Whether you’re a great poet or someone who likes to get straight to the point, the goal is to express yourself in the way that’s truest to your personality. Every word must sound like it comes from you.

Love notes - step 4

Express why you love them, what you appreciate about them, and what makes them different from anyone else. You know your recipient well, so tailor the text to describe what they want to hear most.

Love notes - step 5

Package your note in an aesthetically pleasing way. You could get creative and use a wax seal or tie the envelope with a ribbon and tuck a flower inside the ribbon. A beautifully crafted card builds anticipation for what it contains.

Did you know?

Box of Chocolates

Whenever you pick up a box of chocolates for your loved one, do you ever wonder how this practice became a tradition? Though there is no scientific evidence that links chocolate with desire, the idea of it has been circulating for centuries. The concept traces back to the Aztecs, who believed cacao beans were gifts from the gods, and trickled down to the Victorian era centuries later. It was during this time that chocolate became popularly associated with love and affection, and eager suitors would try to find the finest chocolates for the objects of their affection. 

In the 1920s, Russell Stover began packaging their confections into heart-shaped boxes, immediately creating appeal for couples. It didn’t take long for a host of other companies to catch on, and the rest is history. Along with roses, chocolate stands as one of the most iconic gifts of affection. 

It’s settled! Chocolate and love notes are still a perfectly thoughtful sentiment… Who will you share some love with today?

Write the Perfect Love Note
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