Journey Book

Journey Book

My Mother lived in interesting times. This is part of her story, articles printed from various sources on her and my Father’s journey through life.

The decorative pages are foiled, which means that they were printed with the black laser printer on the darkest possible settings. The foil sticks to the toner, so go through the printing menu and change as many settings as you can.  Refer to the photos and note the variety of papers that can be successfully foiled. The equipment is at the end of the article.

For the cover of the album, I used White and covered the outside of the front and back with Indigo.  The holes were punched separately and the paper was attached with ScorTape, 1/8″ around the edges and the holes, with 6″ wide ScorTape centered down the middle.

The Curious Skin was foiled with a different design for each book, on the front only.

The inside was lined with Super Gold. The dedication page is Red Satin foiled in holographic gold. The autobiographical articles are printed with inkjet on Brockway-Deckled Edge. The black printed very well on the Brockway paper, with the photos printed softer than on the matte photo paper, but still with very nice color. The paper has a slightly raised texture that would soften the photos, but still prints very nicely, with the black being crisp. I chose this paper since I had so much of it and the cover weight was light enough that many pages still didn’t make the book too thick.

The flower cover design is 1 1/8″ thick and the spiral coil is 1.5″. There are 42 pages of Brockway and 6 pages of other paper, plus a total of 1/4 inches of covers, front plus the back.  Choose a substitute that is no heavier than the 92lb cover. For me, the text weight was too light for a book that would be handled a lot.  I would probably choose among Mohawk VIA Linen, either the white or ivory, depending on preference. Savoy offers the same weight and color choices. Also consider Crush, White Corn or Natural Citrus.

After printing the Journey page Fine Gold was foiled in a multi-color foiling effect, by simply lining up strips of foiling diagonally in green, light blue, dark blue, purple and red, covering them with copy paper and running them through the laminator in 3 passes, the 8.5″ side, the 11″ side, and the 8.5″ side again, just to be sure, with the laminator on its highest setting. Then a few light layers of spray acrylic were applied to the foiling.

The back cover is the same as the front cover without the foiling. The book is simple to make, just punch the holes and put in the coil wire. The wire is 4:1, but it is flexible and stretches to 2:1 just fine. The book with the flower cover is 1.5″ coil wire and the plaid cover has a 1″ coil wire. Some pages are covered with strips of paper lining the holes and this was to change the shape of the holes from square to round, when I changed hole punching equipment, from the Zutter to the Tamerica.  The .75″strips are applied with 1/8″ ScorTape.

The second book is the same as the first, only with less paper and a different cover design.


Materials used in this project:

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