Let’s make cards… July 4th Card is perfectly Patriotic

CELEBRATE with Card Making

This is a time to celebrate with our family, friends and loved ones.  We celebrate our families, our jobs, our schools: all the things this nation offers us.  Since 1776 we have worked together to build communities that allow us to share with others what we have and what we have learned.  Freedom: the freedom to be ourselves, to learn what we can and do what we can.  America is celebrating a birthday.

Let’s look at how we made this card:

Start with a Crystal White 7 in square envelopes and cut a sheet of Pearl cover to fit. For me, that was 6.75″ wide and scored at 6.75″ leaving a front flap of around 4 3/16″, after the fold; it just needs to fit in comfortably.  To make up the shortage on the front flap, add some Fine Gold and cut to fit, which is around 6.75″ x 3.5″. Using ScorTape, attach the Fine Gold to the back of the front flap, leaving the full amount of Pearl as the front flap. There is a 1″ overlap between the Pearl and the Fine Gold.  Put the ScoreTape on the back of the short Pearl front flap, line up the Fine Gold at the bottom of the back flap and push down the front flap. If it is not a perfect fit, you can trim the sides.

Make the parts, put on the lettering and then add the flag, to be sure there is enough room for the lettering.  Refer to the photos.  This year we are making the flag ourselves, starting with the white stripes, which are tone on tone.  The top texture is Hinted Gold the cover weight being too thick for the die I used, Memory Box, Virtuoso Music 98356.

Spray glue them to Ice Silver, for your white on white flag stripes.  After trimming around the notes by hand, ScorTape the white stripes to Cherry with some of the first stripe cut off and added to the 3rd stripe, about .75″ slanted to fit, to make it longer.  Just approximate the distance between the stripes. The Cherry flag is 4.5″ long and 3.5″ high aside from the wave.  Just freehand the positions and the trimming. The blue section is 2.25″ x 1.75″ aside from the wave; just freehand it also, using Indigo.

The flagpole is scrap paper that had a little embossing along the side – optional – in ONYX 3/8″ wide. Cut it 7.5″ long and trim it back later.  On top, Fine Gold stripe is 3/16″, also cut it 7.5″ long and attach with ScoreTape.  The lettering is Memory Box, Parker: Upper, Lower & Numbers, cut from the Indigo.  The coma is just a section of a circle with a leftover dot. Coma’s matter, it is not the 4th America, it is the 4th of July. Die cut letters are fixed in size; those are 5/8″ tall.

If you want more words or a different font, you can laser print the Fine Gold paper before attaching it to the card.  The entire lettering space is 1 7/8″ tall and 4 7/8″ wide: remember to leave room for the flagpole and the stars.  After gluing on the letters, line up the flag and flagpole and ScoreTape in place.   Trim the flagpole.  The Fine Gold stars are Tim Holtz Alterations, Old Glory which cuts 6 stars at a time.  The 3 on the flag are, in total, 7/8″ x 2.25″.  The 6 stars along the flagpole are also Fine Gold, offset on Indigo, with a total space of 1″ x 4.5″. They are glued on with Cosmic Shimmer Glue; use your favorite quick drying glue.

For a little more texture, add some pearls on top of the notes in the music die cut.  All whites are not alike, there are small differences. The closest in similarity is the Pearl, and the Ice Silver; you might try one in cover stock and one in text stock. They are both iridescent. The Hinted Gold is a white that turns gold when you move it, shifting the whole card color when moved around. The Curious Skin is an uncoated surface and a matte that seems to absorb the color with a deep richness. Crush Cherry, is the fun paper, made with cherry residue and produced with 100% green energy. All are laser printable.  May your 4th be joyful.

The following products were used in this craft:

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