Make Someone’s Day — Send Them a Handwritten Letter

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Make Someone’s Day — Send Them a Handwritten Letter

A birthday, Valentine’s Day, a graduation, a get-well message, a life update — there are countless reasons to send someone a handwritten letter. With wholesale envelopes suppliers and wholesale paper suppliers offering affordable, sustainable paper products, there is no reason not to send letters to the people in your life who matter most. The environmentally conscious will be pleased to know that today, over a third of all new paper is created with post-consumer fibers, and the majority of paper used in the U.S. ends up getting recycled.

Why take the time to send someone a handwritten letter? By virtue of the effort they require, handwritten letters are the most meaningful way to show that you care. Let us get into just what it is about handwritten letters that makes them so special.

Letters imply intentionality

How often are we bombarded with electronic communication in daily life, and how often does this communication bring us joy? The ease of modern communication has cheapened the practice. We are hit with innumerable promotional emails, robocalls, and short, vapid text messages. We form a paradoxical habit of constantly checking these inboxes which do nothing to make us happy, and often contain nothing of importance.

A handwritten letter helps to restore meaning to written communication. It takes time and resources to gather the necessary materials, to sit down and write it by hand, and to bring the letter somewhere it can be mailed. The recipient experiences the joy of knowing that they have been in the sender’s thoughts throughout this entire process.

Letters promote thoughtfulness and reflection

A natural consequence of technology’s cheapening of communication, as well as increasing demands for speed and efficiency in the modern age, has been the widespread development of habitual skimming and multitasking. Most written materials are not read thoroughly, but rather are feverishly perused for key words and phrases then quickly discarded.

With a handwritten letter, however, several factors encourage the recipient to slow down and be more mindful while reading. Firstly, handwriting naturally tends to be less legible than the printed word, forcing the reader to move at a slower pace. Furthermore, the implicit meaningfulness of written letters as discussed above is universally understood, and thus the reader will take more time to process fully what is said.

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