Make Your Own Gift Bags Using Shimmer Paper and more

All styles of gift bags

Make Your Own Gift Bags Using Shimmer Paper and more

Gift Bags

This is a fun and useful project for many occasions! Create your own gift bags using paper and other embellishments.  We came across this easy 4-1/2 minute video from Innova Crafts – checkout their helpful and easy tutorial

papers usedsupplies-giftbagI made several varieties so I could test paper sizes, colors and simply because it was fun. Here’s a snapshot of the papers I used, you’ll noticed I wrote the stock and size of my paper onto each sheet I used. Next, I grabbed some glue, a hole punch and a box of ribbon (bag of jewels for one bag I decorated). Once I completed the bag design, I repurposed these pretty little flowers that I made from an earlier project. Checkout Paper Punched Flowers to see how fun and easy these were to make.

All styles of gift bagsI have added a photo of my steps and images of me making the bags (see below).  Be sure to follow the video for best understanding and how-to steps. As you make your bag, you can stop partway through the tutorial to add handles instead of the accordion top.

My final project concluded with 2 different gift bag styles. One style has handles and the other is accordion top. Notice these two styles. Based on how you plan to use your bag, make the one that works best for you.  I like the small accordion style for gift cards, jewelry and such, otherwise I’m a fan of the handled bags since I’m a last minute stocker of my gift bags. 🙂

Make Your Own Gift Bags

Materials used in this craft:


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