Market Your Business With Paper

Market Your Business With Paper

Paper advertising is one of the oldest marketing techniques and with all the technology that is around these days it can still be one of the most useful depending on the type of business that you have and the customers that you are targeting. If you are a business that is local and trying to sell to local customers then this is the type of advertising that you should be investing in. So, for example, a few businesses that might find the benefit of this type of advertising would be professional offices (lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.), restaurants with promotions, and shops or other local businesses.

There are many forms of paper advertising such as the following: flyers, 2-up or 4-up pages (1/2 or 1/4 sheets of a page that has an advertisement on it), business cards, promotional mailers sent to homes or offices, and door hangers. Most of these paper advertising you can actually make yourself from your own computer. Flyers is one of these great advertisements you can make at home. Whether you have a Macintosh or Windows computer both can be used to make flyers. Either using Pages (Mac application) or Microsoft Word use the templates that would best fit for what promotion you would be doing. Most of the templates are very customizable and almost anyone can do it.

For the selection of paper that would make your promotions stand above the rest of the competition would be to use products that other competitors aren’t normally using to make a lasting impression on that potentially new customer or existing customer to say that you value them and their business. A good paper selection that would be suggested is something that is thin enough to go through normal printers so this would be papers that have a smaller weight but also may have a shimmer to them.

If you are looking at a place to start looking, head to our Paper Tab so you can take see all the papers, colors, weights, and sizes that we have to offer to find you that perfect paper.

Please check out our website, for specialty papers that will enhance your flyers. If you need further assistance, our staff is happy to instant message (at or answer your phone inquiries at (219) 764-1000.

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