New Year Celebration Card


A New Year can bring fresh starts and reminders that new things can happen. It can also be a way to inspire yourself and friends with the things that you plan to do this year. Sharing this festive card will bring joyful beginnings to your friends!

Using a sheet of Coral, cut it to 7-inch x 10-inch, making the final card  5-inch x7-inch, after you score and fold it. Everything will be placed on this.

For the spirals on the outside of the card: attach 8.5″ x 5″ of the Magma to a Silhouette Double Sided Sheet.  Die cut the Magma with the Lifestyle Crafts, Curls, 4 times.  The die cut has two separate dies, so put one under the other and scotch tape down, then do it again. Quite a bit of tape, and since it will extend past the 8″ be sure to put some thicker paper over the extended parts so it doesn’t chip the cover sheet of acrylic plate on your machine.

For the banner that is inside the card: cut a piece 1 1/8-inch wide rectangle piece of Magma.

For the spirals on the inside of the card: use the Atoll with the curl die cut.

For the box on the inside of the card: cut a piece of the Abyss to 3-inch x 5-inch and put it on the right side of the card, tilted, so that it is 7/8″ from the top at the card edge and 1 1/8″ from the top at the inside, thereby lowering it .25″ to get the effect. Use your own design sense.

To glue the Magma curls onto the card it is easier to press down well and use a toothpick with glue attached so that the precise amount of glue gets on the back of the curls. Tape or glue the Magma rectangle on the inside of the card and make sure to crease it very good where the card folds.


Using the size 3-inch x 4.5-inch piece of Pink Quartz, line it up exactly so the eye has something to fix on that is stable. It is placed 3-inch on top of the Abyss and 2-inch from the top on the edge of the card; trim the extra. The Abyss wedge is 4.25″ long and 3/8″ at the wide edge, also trimmed from a scrap of Abyss on the Silhouette. The tip is 1 3/8″ down from the edge of the Pink Quartz and is over the edge a little so the dot can travel into the open area of the card.

Keep referring to the photo and do what suits you best. A die cut circle of 1″ or 1.25″ was used to cut circles from Electric Blue and Champagne. This one is 1.25″ but the size is unimportant. The “Happy New Year”, in batik,  is from MulberryBear2 on EBay or you can use Silver Stickers in 5/8″ letters, or die cut them in any of the above papers. The Silver Duct Tape would look good.

Hole punch some paper with a regular hole punch and glue on the dots here and there, adding some fun to the design; mine are left over from foiled papers. Be sure to add one to the tip of the Abyss wedge. Slip it inside a Parchtone, White, A7 envelope and make someone’s year.


Papers used in this craft:

Other materials used in this craft:

  • Memory Box, Poppystamp Die, Party Lanterns
  • Duct Tape, Holographic Duct Tape, Silver
  • Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Sheet
  • Glitter Letters, Silver, 1″
  • Happy New Year batik sayings on MulberryBear2( OR Silver Sticker Letters, 5/8″ tall )
  • Lifestyle Crafts, Cutting Dies, Curls
  • ScorTape, 1/2″ & Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Blue
  • Scrap dots from other projects 3/8″
  • Circle Punch or Circle, 1.25″ or 1″
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