3D Paper American Flag – Origami Wall Art

3D Paper American Flag – Origami Wall Art

As we come up the 4th of July I thought this would be a fun celebratory craft that will honor our nation and the many blessings that we have been so graciously given. This is a great craft that is easy for everyone and can bring the family together.

Origami Plus has an instructional video that explains very clearly how to assemble and connect these pyramids. Here are just a few recommendations that I have when doing this craft:

  • The size that I decided for my squares was 4.5 inch squares. Just make sure to keep all squares the same size.
  • If using a cover paper it is easier to score the sheets ahead of time and then make the folds. (Shown in a picture)
  • In the video they show how to connect the prisms together. Because I used cover paper, I hot-glued the thicker triangle to the inside wall of the pyramid, so it wouldn’t flop around. I then hot-glued the triangles together (both are shown in pictures below)
  • I laid out all the prisms separate at first to make sure that I was going to glue them the right way (Shown in a picture)
  • Once the pyramids were all glued together, I hot-glued the whole project together onto a foam project board to size.

I hope you have as much fun as I did doing this project. I hope you enjoy celebrating and decorating for your Independence Day celebration.

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  • zoe stock
    Posted at 02:03h, 20 May Reply

    do a video please

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