Beloved Paper Cranes for Wall Art and More


Paper cranes are one of the most beloved, iconic origami shapes with a stunning silhouette and beginner-friendly fold pattern. With an empty wall to fill and a stack of colored paper, I searched online for inspiration to start my project.

Lana Red Studio is the artist behind the first mesmerizing design. She specializes in non-permanent designs for renters who are looking for fresh ways to update their space. The light, airy white and peach cranes float at different heights like a grown-up mobile and set the stage for the entire room. I loved the simplicity of the design and how the subtle pops of color contrast plain white.

The other image that blew me away was created by Boho Weddings. 1,000 handmade paper cranes were beautifully stacked together in rows and hung to create a flowing photo backdrop. This arrangement filled a large space very well and created a full, lush feeling that I wanted to capture in my own design.

With two inspiring images in mind, I gathered paper clips, durable string, and a stack of colored paper including basis white, basis gold, stardream metallic azalea, curious skin orange, and red wild cherry. I chose to recreate the airy pops of color like Lana Red Studio and invert Boho Wedding’s linear style into horizontal rows across the wall.

Thinking of doing something similar in your own space? If you haven’t folded paper cranes before, I highly recommend this easy video by Origami Tsunami and using text weight paper, which is easier to fold. It’s easy and the results are remarkable!

Lana Red Studio


Boho Weddings

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