Paper Flowers for a Princess

Paper Flowers for a Princess

paper flower centerpieceLittle Princess is having a birthday, with a table decorated by fairies and enough magic to share with her friends. The leaves and petals are free cut, using the first one as a template and each die cut removed from one layer was used as decoration on the next layer.

Except for the translucent vellum paper, everything else is cardstock paper. There are 5 Moss & Lavender leaves, 12 Moss leaves scattered around and 3 per rose, all shaped with jagged edged craft scissors. The bottoms of each petal are folded up 1/4″ and snipped every 1/4″ to shape the petals around the tube. There are 4 Sapphire leaves, lined with 4 Vellum leaves, 4 Nude leaves and 7 Vellum flames. The 5 big leaves are Paper-Papers, Curious Skin Lavender, on top of Shine Moss. The Stardream, Sapphire, was free cut so that 4 of them fit onto the largest ring, on top of the Moss and Lavender leaves. paper flowers closup viewInside the Sapphire petals is Curious Metallic Nude; 4 hand cut petals, a little smaller than the Sapphire. Use the die cut design from the Sapphire petals and spray glue it to the Nude petals, then glue them in place, on top of the small ring. The inner flames are Translucent Vellum in Platinum, with 7 Vellum flames shapes, glued to the smaller ring. Small pink and white paper flowers from Amazon trail around the outside for color and fun. The 2 roses on the lace are cut from Translucent Vellum, using Sizzix, Susan’s Garden, 6 petals per rose, with little pearl stamens glued to floral wire, lots of glue and floral tape wrapped the petal layers.

The tube is 3″ tall and lined it with gold duct tape; the outside is covered with Silhouette double sided adhesive paper and Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes. Anything pretty will do. The large ring is the base, the small ring is a gasket; both have small cuts on the inside so they fit tightly over the tube. It goes over the Moss & Lavender leaves and the Sapphire petals. Put it on and wedge the Sapphire petals under it, to help hold them while the glue sets, using ScorTape to hold it in place and Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue. It sets up pretty quickly. Use your favorite glue and lots of it. The large base ring is 4″ diameter and 12″ circumference. Roll it over a ruler, take the length and divide by 4, plus an inch, bringing it to 4″ each Sapphire petal. Fold the bottom of the petals up about 1/2″ and cut them in the middle to make a wedge, then tape and glue them to the bottom ring. The smaller ring is 3″ diameter, with one put over the Sapphire petals to help hold them down. Now glue in the Nude and Vellum flames. Two of the rings were saved for another project.

paper leavesAll shaping and bending was done using, first, a large paint brush handle, then an Exacto blade and then a pin tool. Go slow rolling the papers over the tools, so the paper fibers bend and don’t crease; with a little patience your flowers will have graceful bends. Do the bending from all angles, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. A scoring tool will emboss leaf markings in the leaves. Your patience will be rewarded with a delighted child and birthday memories that last forever, or least until next year. Enjoy!


Materials used in this project:

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