Paper Ginkgo Biloba

Paper Ginkgo Biloba

This project is fantastic because it lets you recycle a branch from your own yard! The Ginkgo Biloba tree has beautiful, uniquely-shaped leaves that we captured with the magic of paper crafting. We complemented the look of the leaves with a golden branch to make them pop. You can make your own right here!

To create your own paper Ginkgo Biloba, simply start by gathering the tools and materials listed below. Visit to download either the SVG or PDF files, then cut. Finally, follow along with the photo tutorial below to learn how to assemble your garden rose flower. Find all of the papers we used for this project here.

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  • Cutting Machine (optional)
  • Low-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Pliers/ Wire Cutters



  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut out leaves according to pattern.
  3. Fold leaves on score lines.
  4. Cut floral wire in thirds, and glue leaf to wire. Use floral tape to cover wire.
  5. Use floral tape to attach leaves on branch in bundles of two or three.

ginkgo biloba branch

papercut ginkgo biloba diy ginkgo biloba paper ginkgo

papercut ginkgo biloba branch tutorial

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