Paper Heart Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath

This Paper Heart Wreath is something perfect for a personal note to a loved one or to convey things that you love about that person. This is also the perfect wreath to make because it is very versatile and you can use almost any color you would like. I just loved the way that all the colors blended together. 

  1. Start by getting your backing for the wreath. I used a foam board and cut it out into the desired circle size that I desired with the middle cut out. 
  2. Put a mini hole through the top of your circle so you are able to put ribbon through the circle to put on your hook of choice. 
  3. Paper punch out your hearts or cut your paper hearts out however you would like. 
  4. Attach the paper hearts with tape (or glue) to the foam board. (I arranged my hearts in a pattern but almost any way will be wonderful.)
  5. Optional: Write on a few of the hearts things that you love about the person, love about yourself, or a love note to your family or friends to make them feel special and loved and tape them to the top of the other hearts. (I used Clear to write my notes because then you can still see the paper hearts through it.) 

I hope you have as much fun as I had making this paper heart wreath. Feel free to use the colors that you would desire. 

Have fun! 

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