Paper Hyacinth Flowers

These hyacinth flowers will never die and always look classy so they are perfect for home or at the office. They are very easy to make and perfect projects for children or anyone who doesn’t have tons of crafting experience. One of the other benefits of this flower is that you can take old pencils or pens and make them useful again.

All it takes is a few steps to make your very own hyacinth flower:

  1. Cut your project paper to your desired dimensions (I chose 3in x 11in)
  2. Make transverse cuts into your paper leaving about 1/2in to 3/4in free from any cutting. (I chose to do my transverse cuts closer together so it would be more petals in a smaller area and also because it looked cleaner going onto the pencil)
  3. Make the petals by curling the transverse cuts using a round wooden stick by rolling them one by one inward towards the noncut area.
  4. Take your stick (that is going to be the stem of the flower) and surround the top with a piece of tape (it makes it easier for the next step and keeps your petals on better).
  5. Tape the free space of one of your coiled paper and attach it to the top of the stem.
  6. At an angle start wrapping the coiled paper around the stick and overlap the free area with the other petals so that you don’t see the stick.
  7. Once you got to the very end, tape the free end onto the stick. 
  8. Using green floral tape wrap the stem leaving no exposure (allowing it to actually look like a flower).


One of the best things about these flowers is that you can experiment with different lengths and widths of the original paper cut as well as the transverse cuts as well. One thing that I also did was combine 2 lengths of paper to make a longer bigger flower because not all flowers are the same size. 

Have fun!

Paper Materials used in this project (I chose 3in x 11in):

Other materials used:

  • Wooden Stick/ Pencil/ Pen (The base for the floral)
  • Tape
  • Floral tape
  • Mason jar/Vase (to hold the flowers)
  • Optional ribbon for bow
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