paper invitations - PaperPapersInvitations01 - Paper Invitations

Paper Invitations

paper invitations - PaperPapersInvitations01 1024x790 - Paper Invitations

When the invitation is as special as the party, you are off to a great start. These little cards are perfect and fast to make for your special occasion. From one of our new lines of paper Extract is one that offers vibrant papers and promotes a greener earth because it is made with recycled paper cups.

The invitation is sent out using Extract Khaki cover paper for the larger card and Extract Khaki text for the RSVP.

The Khaki cover, is cut to 6.75″ x 10″, then scored and folded in half, leaving a 5″ x 6.75″ card. Just the perfect size to hold it in a Gold Leaf in A7 envelope.

On the front, use 1/2″ ScorTape to attach a piece of 2″ x 5.5″ Gold Leaf. Use the EK Success, Modern Cube, Large Edge Punch on a sheet of Crush, Kiwi, 81 lb text: punch and cut it to 1.75″ wide and 5.5″ long. Using tape and glue, apply it over the Gold Leaf.

To build up a plaid design, apply the different colors in layers, using 1/8″ ScorTape apply a piece of 1/2″ ScorTape on the edge of the Gold Leaf and remove the top cover of the tape. Take some 1/8″ ScorTape and make a plaid design over the 1/2″ ScorTape. Before you remove the 1/8″ tape covering, apply Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes, Gold Jewel, to the 1/2″ ScorTape. Remove the 1.8″ ScorTape and before you apply Gilding Flakes to the smaller tape add two more lines in a pleasing design. Refer to the photo for how it was done on this card; which lines are under each other.

Before you remove the second 1/8″ set of tape cover, apply Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes, Autumn Blaze, to the exposed tape. Finally, remove the last set of tape covers and apply stripes of Kiwi text, cut slightly wider than 1/8″, so you will not have to be exact lining up the stripes.

On the inside invitation, it is printed on Natural Citrus text,and print the match RSVP at the same time.

paper invitations - PaperPapersInvitations01 1024x790 - Paper Invitations
paper invitations - PaperPapersInvitations02 1024x828 - Paper Invitations

The return envelope is Natural Citrus A2 envelope. Cut the Kahki text to (7.25-inch x 5.25-inch) and score and fold in half to create a (3.625-inch x 5.25-inch) card.

Using the punch again on the Gold Leaf cover, cut the design to (2.25-inch x 4.5-inch) and ScorTape it to the front. In a reverse plaid, apply a stripe of Kiwito the 1/8″ ScorTape, and then apply two more pieces of 1.8″ ScorTape over the Kiwi stripe, and after removing the covering, apply the Autumn Blaze Gilding Flakes. Since you have printed out the RSVP message already, cut it to fit and tape it to the inside with 1/2″ ScorTape. You are done. The messages are included so pick the event you want and duplicate it on your program. The RSVP’s are the same for all the cards so make as many as you want.


paper invitations - PaperPapersInvitations04 1024x1018 - Paper Invitations

Paper materials used in this invitational:

Other materials used in this invitational:

  • 1/2″ & 1/8″ ScorTape
  • Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue
  • Gilding Flakes, Autumn Blaze & Gold Jewel
  • EK Success Modern Cube Large Edge Punch
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