1 PaperPapersOlympicCelebration

Paper Olympic Celebration

1 PaperPapersOlympicCelebration

As we see the close of another Olympics it is time to make something that you can send to someone to celebrate it. Watching the world’s best athletes devote their lives to be the best and the United States had a lot to offer this year. For me, watching Red Gerard snowboard down a mountain making it look just too easy was just one of the best things to experience.

Whatever sport you were inspired by this Olympics you can make your very own card to celebrate this Olympics. I used Pinterest to find a figure of a snowboarder riding the slopes, used this to print out an outline of the figurine. I printed my figurine with Champagne and it contrasted enough from the white of the card to stand out.

I had scrap paper that had been laser printed with a zebra pattern so I used that for the base paper, since the bottom of a snowboard is patterned.  Don’t over think the logo; I did stick to Red’s color theme for his snow suit and racing bib. The zebra was printed on Champagne and it contrasted enough from the white of the card to stand out.  You can always use a sharpie to put a design on the bottom of the board.

Flame was used for the racing bib. Use the copy paper image to cut out a pattern and trim to suit.  The helmet wound up being Lapis Lazuli which added some color to the figure.  A sharpie was used  to outline the arm, darken the gloves, boots and the bottom of the board; chalk was used to blacken the edges of the figure. The itsy bitsy little goggles are Gold and Light Blue.

The card base is sized working backwards from the envelope, a Pearl envelope, so cut the card to 6.75″ by 6.75″.  Using a 8.5″x11″ sheet of Pearl White cut it to 6.75″ along the 11″ side. Cut that piece to 6.75″ tall, leaving you a left over piece. Using Indigo cut a piece 6.75″ side and 5.5″ long. It can be as short as 4″, but the piece used here is longer. Using 1/2″ ScorTape attach it to the smaller piece of Pearl White, along the 6.75″ side. Referring to the photo, the Indigo paper completes the card height. After attaching Indigo, score and fold it sothat it is 6.75″ tall, and use ScorTape to attach the bi-colored card front to the back, using two rows of ScorTape, top and bottom of the Indigo so it is the outside layer of the back flap.

The Olympic Rings are made of Pure Gold. Cut 5 rings 2″ wide OD and 1 5/8″ ID: I needed two different rings taped into position to get the rings to cut out. I cut them at the same time, taping well.   Spread them evenly across the Indigo, cutting the bottom rings and interlocking them as the real rings are positioned. I used hearts to make the letters from Cherry. Glue down the USA, tilting the U so it offers a ski slope shape and there is still room for the little snowboarder. Arrange to suit.

Enjoy! And Celebrate the Olympics!

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