Paper Pinwheel Wall Design

Paper Pinwheel Wall Design

Every spring we get to see the grass grow, sun shine, and the snow melt. It is a reminder of how things are currently changing and spinning. But in this reminder we see the beauty of the spinning. This Paper Pinwheel Wall Design is so easy for anyone to make.

I was so inspired by this new spring that I wanted to make Paper Pinwheels again but with a new design, so I thought a wall design was much more fun! This would ensure spring fever all year around. This was truly a easy project that anyone can do. Check out the instructions below:


  1. Cut your paper to 8.5-inch squares, 6.5-inch squares, and 5-inch squares.
  2. Draw a line from point to point that would make an X on the paper.
  3. On either the left or right side of the X punch a mini hole towards the outermost of the paper so that you can fold it to the middle and make a pinwheel.
  4. Using a ball head pin put it through the middle to hold it all together.
  5. Tape the back so it can be put on the wall.
  6. Presto! You’re done! Play with different wall designs and colors.

Check out all different colors here at (Using text weight paper is a lot easier and the shimmers just seem to look so good.)

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