Paper Pinwheel


Spring is in the air! And there’s nothing better to celebrate this than with a little fun and decoration that anyone in the family can join in on.

Inspired by the gentle breezes that blow through the new grass blades and budding flowers that this season brings, I decided to celebrate the season by making my own spin off (pun intended!) of the classic paper pinwheel.

These paper pinwheels are really easy to create. It actually took me less than 10 minutes to create one paper pinwheel from start to finish!

I was very inspired by One Little Project while creating my paper pinwheel project. They have a simple and easy way to create a paper pinwheel.

The colors I used for my pinwheels to celebrate spring was azalea, sun yellow, blueprint, and silver.

One Little Project


My paper pinwheels are made with very simple materials and tools. All I used to make my pinwheels was a ball head pin, a wooden stick, and two pieces of paper that I hole-punched. Those hole punches marked where the tips of the papers were going to come together in the middle to create my pinwheel final shape.

Now, you can use any paper of your choice for your pinwheels, but I would recommend using a text weight paper because it’s both easier to fold, and easier to move. Text weight paper tends to make pinwheels that spin much better when wind catches it. You can find more selections of any type of paper here.


Enjoy the fun that this craft can bring and Happy Spring!

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