Paper Poinsettia Flower


While these plants are generally a celebration of the winter season I just loved how these Paper Poinsettia Flowers turned out and gives a fresh breath to DIY flowers. They are simple and easy to make and can be arranged anyway that you can come up with.

The one thing that I always like to do is to go to Pinterest for inspiration as far as what DIY origami things I can make. While some posts turn to flops this one for sure is not the case. With easy instructions for this project and easy pictures to know exactly how to do it please visit here. I was inspired by this project and felt like arranging it into little pods but however you do it will turn wonderful as well. Krokotak is a website full of fun activities, generally for a younger demographic, that can be made as hard or as easy as you would like and they looked like a lot of fun to do.

How I made them was started using a cutting board to get my pieces to a 4-inch square. I thought this was a good size because I could get at least 4 squares from a normal 8.5-inch x 11-inch sheet of paper. There was 2 main differences between mine and Krokotaks was that: I didn’t use glitter to be put on at the end to give it that pollen look and I also used a hot glue gun to make my pieces stay together. I thought the hot glue made it easier. This craft is much easier if you use the text weights versus the covers because of the increase foldings.

So glad I was able to share this with you and thanks again Krokotak for the inspiration for this post.


Papers used in this craft:

Other materials used in this craft:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Cutting board
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