Paper Seed Packets

This is the perfect way to celebrate fall but also to get ready for the spring with seed packs that you can give to friends or family so they can start their own garden, a bouquet of flowers, or anything in-between. It just takes a few envelopes, a printer, and some paper to make this give grow beyond your expectations.

For the packaging to hold the seed pods, CTI Gamma Natural, Clear makes a sturdy package, heavy, translucent, and printable.  Each 8.5″x11″ sheet will make 2 packages that will fit in an A2 envelope and can be trimmed smaller if needed.  No printing is needed, but there is a JPEG with SEEDS and 2 lines for labeling.  A marker will also work on this paper. Print it and cut it down the middle lengthwise. After cutting you will have 2 pieces 11″ long.  Score each at 5.5″.  This line score will be a guideline for applying double-sided tape. This paper does not score well, as it tends to score all the way through, but I would use it anyway for its storage properties. Line the sides and the bottom with 1/2″ ScorTape, close the packet, with the opening at the top. Refer to the photos. Trim off any excess tape on the edges. Since you cannot just fold over the top of this paper, a flap is made that can be opened and shut as needed.

To make this flap use Banana Split. Start with a piece that is as wide as your packet and 4.5″ long. My packet was trimmed to just under 4″ wide and 4.5″ long. Score the paper 1″ up the 4″ width and fold it over for a 3.5″ flap.  Again, refer to the phots. For ease of use, the flap was cut to a center point, starting a 1″ down from the scored line. The point is 2.5″ tall and held in place with a ribbon. The ribbon started out 14″ and I just kept trimming. The piece you see is 10″ trimmed down. It is held in place with 1/8″ ScorTape: The back of the ribbon has no tape on it, except at the edges, so the flap can fit inside and close the packet.  On the back, where the flap tucks in, is where I drew a pencil line 2″ down, and started attaching the ribbon.  The top of the ribbon is 2″ from the top of the flap. The final packet seen here is 3 7/8″ wide and 5.25″ tall, with the flap on and tucked inside of the ribbon. This size fits nicely inside the Banana Split. Adjust the packet size up or down for the envelope size, which you can find listed on the envelopes.

To print the envelopes, on my laser, I had to convert the inches to millimeters using  I saved them on Word, adjusted to size.  Each printer will have different instructions. I didn’t use a label program, I adjusted it on Word until it matched the size and then saved that copy. In hindsight, I would stick to one size envelope for ease of printing. The envelopes used here are the following: Pearl, Banana Split, Kraft A2, and Kraft A7. After printing on the A7 envelope, score it down the middle and use 1/8″ ScorTape on the side and bottom to make a packet with 2 pockets, front and back, and one in the middle. Again, refer to the photos. Those pockets are about the size of commercial seed packages and the inside pocket created by folding the envelope holds a 3.5″ x4.5″ seed packet. Remember that when you fold paper, it takes up some of the measurement in the fold itself.

But what a nice way to treat yourself, or someone else, to seeds from your garden.


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