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Paper Storage Made Easy: 2 Tips For An Organized Art Room

While any kind of teacher likely has more supplies than he or she can count, art teachers must manage hundreds (possibly thousands) of different classroom supplies. Paint brushes, glue, charcoal, sculpting materials, canvases, shimmer paper — the list is endless.

Lost supplies lead to ruined lesson plans and frustrated young artists. In order to run an efficient classroom and effective learning environment, proper organization is essential to the success of any art room.

If you’re an art teacher, save time and precious classroom funds by creating a logical classroom organization scheme. Here are two easy ways art teachers can group supplies and projects to run a tidier class:

1. Organize Bulk Paper By Color and Type

Some bulk paper is sold by wholesale paper suppliers in variety packs with a multitude of colors. While this type of construction paper is fun for young children’s crafts, it can create an organizational nightmare. Children shuffle through assorted stacks looking for their favorite color, turning a neat pile into a scattered and torn heap. Help foster a calmer and neater paper storage area by using narrow shelving or drawers to separate paper by color. Some teachers even have success by storing assorted canvas papers in rolling carts with baskets. Simply separate drawing paper from sketch paper and glitter paper from plain to make finding the right type faster than ever. /p>

2. Buy Bulk Envelopes to Store Half-Finished Projects

Few art endeavors can be accomplished in a single class period. Help students keep track of their project supplies with manila envelopes. Young artists can keep clippings, preliminary sketches, printed pictures, and other paper supplies in an envelope labeled with their name for organized safekeeping. Students may even keep their colored pencils or small brushes in the envelopes, too. Simply collect the envelopes at the end of the lesson for hassle-free and logical cleanup.

Every year in the United States, 92 million metric tons of paper are produced. As an art teacher, it might feel like all 92 million tons end up in your classroom. Get control of the stacks with these two easy storage ideas. For more great paper tips, project inspiration, or to order bulk paper online, contact Paper Papers today.


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