Parchment Paper the Best Choice for Making Certificates

Parchment Paper the Best Choice for Making Certificates

In an earlier post, we talked about how parchment paper has been used in a variety of ways. Today, we want to share a most common usage of the paper– making certificates. Certificates or formal awards is not only a paper, it shows the appreciation and notice for years of efforts, ability and achievement like diplomas or award citations. People keep the certificates and rewards for years, since they record an important part of life.  When acknowledging and celebrating important occasions, selecting the highest quality paper to make certificate is critical.

You can easily create a truly formal certificate

With elaborately designed print and historically familiar texture, parchment paper is the best choice for you. You can easily create a truly formal certificate. Paper papers has four popular colors of high quality parchment paper for you to design or create both professional and fun certificates.


Gunmetal, White, Natural and Aged Parchment Paper

Today we used GUNMETAL  and AGED  to create the example templates pictured below.  Since the classic parchment paper has an elegant finish, we do not need to add a complicated design, a simple blue border and a different font has already made it formal and elegant. By using an every-day software, we selected the template and printed on our quality paper to create a lovely visual sample. This can be created by you with very little expense and since the templates are already designed by professionals, you can generate a quality result which represents the importance of your occasion.


The casual and fun certificate ideas are also a great way to add more appreciation into life events. When your daughter finishes reading 10 books, or your son wins an important school basketball game, a certificate can give them more encouragement and confidence. Never underestimate the power of a reward!!! They can motivate  people to achieve their next goal.  More fun certificate ideas to come in future posts.


Our Parchment papers can easily be used by laser printers, inkjets, quick printing, copiers, calligraphy and even typewriters. It is friendly with any software programs. can be your home for parchment paper. Our wide range of paper selections are available to suit any of your circumstances. We offer small and bulk quantities of both  80lb text and 80lb cover parchment. Either of these weights will work great for certificates, but as an indicator of their ‘real-feel’ – 80lb TEXT feels like a letterhead paper and 80lb COVER feels like the thickness of an average business card. You will find paper to produce a quality result at a reasonable price… get ready to celebrate and reward with confidence and ease!


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