Shimmer Card Stock Paper – PURPLE-ish Swirling Paper Garland


Shimmer Card Stock Paper – PURPLE-ish Swirling Paper Garland

PURPLE-SrollingGarlandTake some paper scraps, or pre-plan to buy a perfect scheme of colors to fill your festive event with color and dimension like nothing else you’ve made. Taken from our earlier post of Shimmer Swirling Garland – we are focusing on the PURPLE shimmer papers used to create this swirling, festive garland. We used varying shades of purple to create this curving dimension combined with the shimmer finish, it is quite appealing to the eyes and sets up any decor perfectly. You decide what mood you are going for; classy, exquisite decor, or mix the shades with bright vibrance to create a fun, festive or holiday decor.

Items we used to create this Purple-ISH Swirling Paper Garland – made from Beautiful PURPLE Shades of Shimmer Card Stock Paper

4 strips of different purple tones, checkout my strips pic, you can see them identified visually


To get the tutorial, please go to our original introduction post which will direct you to the actually tutorial we used.

PURPLE-SrollingGarland-NAMES 2PURPLE-SrollingGarland-NAMES600x

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