Upsell Your Restaurant and Make an Impression with Parchment Paper

Quality Restaurants Can Make an Impression with the Right Menu Paper

For many fine restaurants an important choice is selecting the right type of paper for printing their menu. Usually, the preferred options for restaurant menu paper include a variety of lightweight card stock, fiber and parchment-like papers. Other factors to consider are cost, availability, decor and printing requirements. These are all vital to the  final choice of paper.

Generally, a restaurant menu paper should offer a combination of visual aesthetics and superb quality to provide an elegant finish and professional look that is an ideal strategy for business and brand identity.

Upsell Your Restaurant and Make an Impression with the Right Menu Paper

It should have certain intangible qualities that add a touch of class and draw attention to the menu or wine list. As a material surface, it should be suitable for printing text or graphics in a way that brings life to any subject. If your menu changes daily, we have cost effective, eco-friendly papers to satisfy your budget. We also take great pride in offering high quality card stock papers which provide elegant durability for repeat usage.

In all of these, restaurant owners appreciate finding the different varieties of paper stock at our one-stop-shop website. Our site consists of 1000’s of paper choices so we have included our recommended menu papers, where you’ll find a variety of top choices by many restaurants. We’d love to know your choice so we can grow this list of popular restaurant menu paper choices.

We stock traditional, responsibly forested, wood pulp paper as well as new varieties embarking on the process of up-cycled products from the food industry. This unique, alternate pulp can enhance the true nature of the paper and coincide with the heart of the food service industry. Our popular up-cycle papers coinciding with food are found in our Crush Paper line. Learn more about this unique process by following their respective links.

At PaperPapers, we know how much your restaurant wants to make the right impression – that can begin with the perfect menu paper. We are the foremost providers of the best selection of all kinds of paper stock and in the last 2 decades we have made it our business to provide you with every color, weight and paper size for your business and personal needs.

On our website you will find a selection of high quality paper for printing, copying, writing, drawing and all kinds of paper jobs. Make sure to visit our Help Page for a quick guide on choosing the right weight of paper for your projects including your restaurant menu paper.

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Popular Choices for Restaurant Menu Paper

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