Scrolling Shimmer Paper Garland

Scrolling Shimmer Paper Garland


BEAUTIFUL!! When you see this in person, the first words that come out is ….. BEAUTIFUL! It is hard to believe that something so simple as rolling and stapling paper can turn into such a lovely shimmer paper garland. This is the type of project that can be made to go with any occasion or simply as an interesting dimensional decor, just for fun.

When I started this project, it took off quite slow as I used hot glue for starters. Once the thought of stapling came to my attention, it seemed to really push forward. No matter how you choose to adhere the strips, I recommend making them in bulk before starting to hook them onto the long strip. Thanks to Bird’s Party Blog, I created my garland based on her inspiration and tutorial…. TUTORIAL: Anthropologie Inspired Scroll Garland

paper-swirls-SrollingGarland paper-swirls2-SrollingGarland

You might notice I changed it up as I worked on my own (which is the nature of most tutorials – they inspire our own creativity!) – her idea is wonderful and I really loved my results since I used the shimmery paper.

Ari making garland Check out ME!!  Here’s a snap shot as I fasten the smaller pieces to the longer hanging strip.  This garland strand can be as long or short as you decide.

My paper of choices for all 4 Garlands Strands were as follows:

1) These from Stardream Metallics – 105 Cover: Amethyst, Bluebell, Coral, Azalea, Gold, Vista, Rose Quartz, Antique Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Kunzite

2) Curious Metallic 111lb Cover Violette, Ink, Nude

3) Shine 107lb Cover Gold

4) PPS FAV Shimmer 92lb Cover – Pure Gold

As I fasten the colors, I used 4 shades to give this decor a nice visual dimension. Since each Scrolling Garland had 4 color each, I picked a total of 16 different card stocks with each strand being from the same color shades.  Above I’m working on the BLUE-ISH Garland, you’ll notice I already have the ‘bluebell’ hooked on and am starting to fasten the vista blue color.  I went from darker to lighter on all of the Garlands and I really liked how that turned out. You can see the full BLUE SWIRLY GARLAND at the bottom of this page, I posted a picture with arrows to point out the colors.

This project has so much visual beauty that I plan to focus on the different Swirling Colors in various posts. When I do this, I’ll point out the exact shades on each garland so you know which color brings you the most smiles and assist you with deciding on best colors for your own shimmery decor.

The 4 Swirling Shimmery Paper Garlands are:

  1. GOLD-ish Swirling Paper Garland – Beautiful Gold Shades of Shimmer Paper
  2. PINK-ish Swirling Paper Garland – Beautiful Pink Shades of Shimmer Paper (link coming soon)
  3. PURPLE-ish Swirling Paper Garland – Beautiful Purple Shades of Shimmer Paper (link coming soon)
  4. BLUE-ish Shimmery Garland…. this is featured below.

Starting here, we will get a close-up of our BLUE-ish Swirling Paper Garland – made with Beautiful BLUE Shades of Shimmer Card Stock Paper.

This is made from 4 shades of BLUE shimmer card stock paper. Looking at my strips pic, you can see them identified visually.

Laying the Shimmer Garland down on a table, I took a picture to show the varying shades. See our BLUE-ISH SHIMMER.




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