Shimmer Snowflakes – Creating Beauty and Embracing the Chill


As i’m dreaming of Spring, I can’t avoid the beautiful dusting of snow outside my window. I’m ready for warmth yet still enjoy the beauty of snow and ice that is common in our geographical part of the globe. As I look for inspiration, I cannot escape the art and uniqueness of a snowflake. Since I can’t force the warmth, I decided to embrace today’s climate. What better to create than this icy shaded, 3D Snow flake. I used beautiful shimmer shades to make it glisten.

Instructions and how-to came from the creative talents of designer Karen Ha and her video tutorial located here.

Here’s a few snap shots of my progress, but to complete your own chilling work of art, catch her video to get the detailed steps.


I used the following materials:

Hot glue gun
Stardream Metallic Bluebell & Crystal 81lb Text 8 1/2 x 11 Paper
Hole puncher

As I was creating this lovely paper art, I realized if I used each icicle, it would become its own lovely embellishment or window decor. Mix up the paper and make it festive and appropriate for any occasion or any time of the year.  Try your hand at this and let me know how it worked for you and how you mixed it up. I’d love you to share your pictures!


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