Spooky Halloween Paper Box


Halloween is a great time to give those tricky treats that can create fun and joy for everyone. This exploding box of Hershey’s Gold Kisses is a great goodie to give that has a spooky surprise. Once the box is opened there are a few spiders that hang from the top of the box that hangs from ribbons onto the Kisses so it gives a little scare to everyone that tries to get into those tasty treats.

To start the project you are going to cut the papers into a few different sizes:

  • For the Base of the Box:
    • 2 strips of Purple (3.5-inch x 11-inch)
    • 8 strips of Purple(3-inch x 5.5-inch)
    • 2 strips of Orange (4.25-inch x 11-inch)
  • The Lid of the Box:
    • 1 square of Purple (8.5-inch square)
    • 1 rectangle of Orange (4.5-inch x 5.5-inch)
    • 1 Black glitter or Black (2.5-inch circle)
    • 1 punch out of Super Gold bat
  • Mini Box to hold the Treats
    • 1 square of Black (3.5-inch square for the base) with Black glitter circles folded and glued to make the mini box
    • or
    • 1 square of Black (7.5-inch square)

Start with the Base of the box:

Take 1 strip of Purple (3.5-inch x 11-inch) and tape 0.5-inch ScoreTape to both sides so you can set 2 strips of Orange (4.25-inch x 11-inch) on top of it. Tape another 0.5-inch of ScorTape on top of the Orange strips to place the other strip of Purple (3.5-inch x 11-inch) on the very top so it is secured together. Next, take a pencil and mark a midpoint between the each of the four corners this will help you place and tape with 0.5-inch of ScorTape the 8 strips of Purple(3-inch x 5.5-inch), one strip is going to be on the top and the other on the bottom just to cover both sides and to hold up the top of the box.

Once you put these smaller strips of Purple in place and tape them up it should be from the middles a 16-inch x 16-inch size. Once you get it all taped together you are going to cut off the corners in a square form but to allow from each side to fold up to be 5.25-inch tall.


To make the Lid of the box:

Start by making the lid by taking the 8.5-inch square and cutting one side of the corners about 1.5-inch inwards because all you would have to do is to fold the sides in and tape them together to allow for the lips to be connected. Next, take the 1 rectangle of Orange (4.5-inch x 5.5-inch) tape it to the top of the lid. Next, tape the Black circle or glitter circle on top of the orange rectangle and finish it off by putting a punchout of a Bat in Super Gold.

Now let’s get started on the hanging spiders that go underneath the top of the box. They hang down 4-5 “; vary the length. Cut 3 sections of pretty ribbon about 2 feet long; tie and glue bows at each end of 2 of them. On the 3rd ribbon tie a bow on one end and let the other end hang down; trim as needed.


To make the Mini box to hold the Treats:

To make the candy box cut a 3.5″ square of Black. Glitter circles were used to make the candy box sides, since I had so many. If you don’t have glitter circles use the Black 7.5-inch square and make a box like how we did for the lid of the box. The circles were scored and bent .5″ up the circle and then adhered back to back with the bottom folds going in opposite directions and glued onto the Black. There are 8 circles around the sides and a 9th one glued down inside to make it look finished. ScorTape 2 of the bats to the sides of the box; put a rhinestone on each bat for sparkle. Add the candy to your glitter box, a lot more spiders, and what a treat.



Materials used in the making of this craft:

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