Spring Paper Butterflies


One of the best things that spring brings are those precious butterflies that are so beautiful. Celebrating spring in a graceful way with the butterflies can allow someone to know that spring always welcomes new beginnings and that you are sending them all the warm colors in the world to them through this card.

The base for this card is to use a sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ White Corn paper scored and folded in the middle. This is matched with an A9 White Corn envelope as well.

I chose to use an angled piece of Vellum so that I could still see the 5 3/8″ x 6.5″ piece of Red Satin that was centered and taped onto the White Corn base card but also large enough to do some creative foiling on the Vellum through as well.

To do the foiling on the Vellum I first printed my design with a black laser toner and then used copper and red scrap foil remains to do the actual foiling on the paper. (So what I mean when I say I used scrap foil remains is that I have some foil remains from previous foil projects and instead of throwing them away I used them on this project. If you don’t have any scrap foil remains you can either cut up your foil into smaller pieces or just choose a single color.) If choosing to do more than one color of foil make sure to do one color at a time when putting your materials through the lamenator. And if you are still confused on how to foil something on just click HERE for a video by Loveleigh Loops where they show how to do it. I thought they were very helpful and simple for anyone that has never done it before.

I chose to do the butterfly die cut on Copper but to highlight the design in the middle of the butterfly die cut I used Nude underneath so that it wouldn’t show the foil. But lastly for the butterflies I chose to put some glass crystals on the card but that is totally optional.

I hope this project will help you and someone else celebrate all the good things that comes with spring. Enjoy!


Materials used in this project:

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