Stars and Stripes Card is here just in time!

Celebrate America with Paper-Papers, red, white, and blue. Crush Cherry is helping to preserve America with earth friendly paper made using residues from organic products to replace up to 15%   of virgin tree pulp. Cherry uses…well, cherries and looks as yummy as it sounds. Curious Skin Indigo is a rich matte blue that is intense; so smooth you want to touch it. In contrast, the card and stars are FAV Shimmer Hinted Gold which is a shimmery metallic created with iridescent particles that reflect the gold across the face of the soft white. The tiny flagpole is FAV Shimmer Pure Gold.

Tim Holtz Alterations Big Glory is still found online. This is the Bigz and flies the flag well across the Hinted Gold, which is laser printer cardstock. The bottom die cut is red with smaller parts of the die cut in Indigo and Pure Gold. It is a full sheet folded in half and trimmed just a mite along the side. Hinted Gold stars also fly along the side of the card on an Indigo stripe. The envelope is Cherry in A9, decorated with another stripe and more stars.

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