The Benefits of Using Recycled Paper for Your Business

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The Benefits of Using Recycled Paper for Your Business

The majority of businesses – some more than others – rely on printed material to some degree. Whether it’s part of their products, for promotional purposes in handbills and brochures, vital to office and corporate communication, or just used for archiving, businesses, in general, go through a lot of paper: standard printer paper, cardstock, bulk paper, shimmer paper and shimmer cardstock, envelopes and bulk envelopes, poster board, shipping boxes, and on and on.

There’s more pressure than ever on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and get on board with green movements both globally and locally. Most are adopting or have adopted policies and initiatives to waste less, repurpose more, and use more recycled materials, but the transition, even when made gradually, can be pricey. Is the effort worth it? For your business’s reputation, for the planet, definitely yes. But those are not the only benefits of switching to recycled paper.

Using Recycled Paper Is Good for the Environment

Obviously. And every little bit helps. The global initiative to reduce the number of trees converted to paper is in high gear. the year 2016 saw the third straight year that U.S. paper goods recovery increased, this time to nearly 70%! And it may seem like a single scrap in a single office isn’t impactful in the broadest sense. But switching to recycled paper eliminates even that single scrap, and that kind of impact accumulates with full buy-in.

Using Recycled Paper Is Good Business

It’s repurposing on a categorical scale. And it’s economically symbiotic: for recycling initiatives to be most effective, there needs to be a market for the results of the recycling. While recycled paper is sold for marginally more than standard paper, the cost is easily passed on to the promotional benefits of making your environmental responsibility known.

It’s a Selling Point

Many consumers are unaware of how many different products can be made from recycled paper. They are familiar with cardboard goods and standard printer paper: enchant them with the possibilities, from shimmer paper to envelopes to any and all of the many iterations and configurations available as bulk paper goods and wholesale paper goods. If you want to see your business’s reputation soar, paper sourced from recycled materials is definitely a way to go.

Using Recycled Paper Produces Jobs and Helps the Economy

A rising tide lifts all ships, as they say. Supporting green industries by using recycled paper goods creates demand and jobs in those industries. More consumers working means more consumers spending – and that’s good news whether your market is wholesale paper or retail paper.

Using recycled paper is not only environmentally responsible and ecologically efficient, but it can also have direct and demonstrable benefits for your business. Every business needs paper – from cardstock wholesale and cardstock paper wholesale to bulk paper to shimmer paper – and just about every business can benefit from sourcing that paper from recycled materials.

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