Thoughtful Beach Card


This beach card is one that expresses more than just the fun that you can have in the summer but also the idea that thinking about someone and sending it in a paper letter can just let you know how special they are to you.

The base of the card is a sheet of Coral cut it down to 7.25″ x 11″. Having it at this size will allow the card to fit inside the matching 7.5″ square Coral envelope. To start the card by scoring the Coral paper at 7.25″ to make a square that will be used for the inside of the card. The excess 3.75″ will be used for the front of the card to hold all the designs that will be created. To add some texture to the front of the card score every .25″ down but leave the last .5″ with no score lines.

To make the front of the card longer, add a sheet of Nude that is cut to 4.5″ and 7.25″ wide. This will be the sand dunes for the front of the card. I left my section wider and trimmed it back when I was done.  You want to extend the card front 1.5″ past the Coral.  Add some curves to the top leaving at least 2″ at the bottom of the dips. Before you tape down the piece of Nude paper, use the Punch to cut the Honey Blossom frame and a 2″ x 5.5″ rectangle for the inside, bottom, of the card.  After the frame is cut, use it as a guide, so the sand dunes and the moon are inside the frame. Put the frame on almost last.

Using 1/2″ ScorTape to attach the Nude to the Coral. Don’t glue the top of the sand dunes down until you have cut a 1.5″ circle from Gold. Position the Gold moon behind the sand dunes and inside the frame. Glue it down, along with the top of the sand dunes.  Cut a 1/4″ strip of Red Satin that is 6.75″ long. Applying some 1/8″ Red Liner tape to the back, position it so that it is 13/16″  from the bottom.  Taking a set of waves from Jolee’s Boutique Wave, set, position it above the Red Satin.  It sticks pretty well; use glue if it doesn’t. Cut small clouds with Memory Box, Puffy Clouds, and distress the edges with some red chalk or something similar.  Tape the frame with some scotch tape that is used and not very sticky, and fold one piece under so you can pull off. Then you can work behind the frame, pull it up at the top, and work under it before you glue it down. Glue one cloud under the top left of the frame. Using a toothpick, apply some Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue outside the edges on the waves here and there, so it suits.

Don’t forget to put some on the Gold moon where it comes over the sand dunes.  If it smears around all the better.  Apply a few flakes of Cosmic Shimmer Gold Flakes, and using the Rub-it Scrub-it to burnish it.  Some will stick to the card here and there; all the better.  Glue the frame down with the glue and a toothpick and remove the tape on the bottom. Glue down the last 2 clouds and where the glue squishes out, apply Gilding Flakes.

While the front is drying, do the inside. Tape down the Punch 2″ x 5.5″ rectangle after cutting out the GF letters, using uppercase letters from and put some Red Satin behind the cutout. If you use 1/2″ tape at the top and a large enough piece of Red Satin, it will stick to the top tape and stay in place. Cutting a larger rectangle that is 3.25″ x 5.5″ from Aquamarine so it matches the waves. Using Red Satin cut out the ‘Thinking of You” and a corner of the Honey Blossom frame. You are after the flowers and will cut those out and apply them shortly, over the Red Satin ones on the frame. You will use the Cyan to cut 2 “you” words and the Memory Box, Resting Birds, die cut. Tape the Cyan on top of the Punch rectangle. If it winds up a little narrower, just center it. Using a toothpick and some glue, apply tiny spots of glue to the lettering and place it on the Aquamarine.  “hey” is lowercase letters from Memory Box, Parker, cut from the Coral, and glued on top of the Punch, positioning it with the beach bits from the Wave set. To finish the front, add the Red Satin flowers to the Honey Blossom frame, putting some small white flowers around the edges to suit. Center some small white pearls from the Wave set, and some blue glass rhinestone flats from any clearance bin you find. More glue and toothpicks. Glue Cyan birds all over the frame where it looks fun and put more beach bits to fill in the clustered spots.




Lettering & Decorations:


  • Memory Box, Parker Uppercase, Style 98364
  • Memory Box, Parker Lowercase, Style 98363
  • Memory Box, Honey Blossom Frame, Style 98455
  • Memory Box, Resting Birds, Style 98527
  • Memory Box, Puffy Clouds, Style 98172
  • Simon Says Stamp Wafer Dies, Thinking of You, Style S122
  • Circle Die, 1/2″ for the moon

Jolee’s Boutique: Dimensional Stickers, Waves


  • Small Blue Glass Rhinestone Flats
  • Small White Flowers, 1/2″  &  3/8″
  • Cosmic Shimmer: Gilding Flakes, Gold & Acrylic Glue
  • Ink Essentials, Rub-it Scrub-it Pad 1″ x 2″ section
  • ScorTape, 1/2″ & Red Liner Tape, 1/8″
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