Thoughtful Letters

This is the perfect post for all the different kinds of thoughtful letters that you can send. So when you want to say hello, these are quick and fun little notecards. Mix and match several of your favorite papers, alternating whether the color is the base card or the embellishment.

All the cards fit into A7 envelopes, which are 5.25-inch x 7.25-inch, so cut all base cards 7-inch x 10-inch, score them at 5-inch on the 10-inch length. Fold them in half, and your cards will all be 5-inch x 7-inch. Refer to the photos as you go along and improvise as you like. All the messages are stamped with Black, StazOn ink, being sure to use your refill to make sure your pad is juicy. Refresh it as needed. All the stamps fit within a 1-inch high by 2-inch long area.  Use the matching cleaner to clean your stamps ASAP. Enjoy!

“Best Kind of Friend”

Start with Cream and match it with a Brown Bag Kraft envelope. Using Black StazOn Ink and a small, favorite, message stamp, apply the stamp to the right lower corner of the card. Cut a 1-inch x 8-inch strip of Kunzite and apply ScorTape to the back.  Referring to the photos, apply the Kunzite diagonally and trim the sides.  Using 1/4-inch ScorTape, apply it along the top and bottom of the Kunzite. The top tape is 5.75-inch long and the bottom one is 5.25-inch long. Pull the top tape and burnish on some Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes, Golden Jewel.

“To Encourage You”

Starting with Kunzite cut it to 7-inch x 10-inch, score and fold it in the middle so the final card is 5-inch x 7-inch. Cut a 1.5-inch x 8-inch strip of Cream and stamp it with a cute message so the edge of the message is 4-inch from the left side. Apply ScorTape to the back of the Speckletone and place it horizontally across the Kunzite, 1 3/8-inch up from the bottom. Apply a strip of 1/4-inch Craft Companion, Copper Tape, along the bottom of the Cream strip.

“You’re So Thoughtful”

Starting with Shell cut it to 7-inch x 10-inch, score and fold it in the middle so the final card is 5-inch x 7-inch. Cut a strip of Razzle Berry so that it is a wedge. One side is 1.5-inch and the left side is 1-inch. Stamp your message so the right side of the message is .75-inch from the big, 1.5-inch side, of the Razzle Berry strip. The top of the wedge is 2.25″ from the top. Put ScorTape on the back and before you place the strip on the card, make the X behind the Razzle Berry: using 1.5-inch ScorTape and .25-inch ScorTape, and referring to the photos, make an X across the Shell. Pull some of the tape and burnish it using different colors of Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes, both Autumn Blaze and Golden Jewel. Put the Razzle Berry wedge on the card.

“You Inspire Me”

Starting with Celadon cut it to 7-inch x 10-inch, score and fold it in the middle so the final card is 5-inch x 7-inch. Cut some Brown Bag Kraft to a 3-inch square.  Stamp your message so that it is on the diagonal of the square. With ScorTape on the back, apply it to the front of the Celadon, so that that one corner is .75-inch from the right side of the card and .25-inch from the top. Using 1/4-inch Craft Companion, Copper Tape, apply the tape diagonally across the  square. Refer to the photos.

List of Papers used in this craft:

Other Materials used in this craft:

  • Cosmic Shimmer Gilding Flakes: Autumn Blaze & Golden Jewel
  • 1/4″ Crafters Companion, Copper Tape
  • 1/4″ & 1/2″ ScorTape
  • Black StazOn Ink and Refill
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