Understanding The 7 Steps Of Paper Recycling

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Paper makes the world go ’round! With over 92 million metric tons of paper being produced in the U.S. every year, its uses are endless: bulk envelopes, wholesale cardstock, books, legal documents, maps, craft paper, and every paper product in between all rely on the material, and all contribute to our society in their own, important ways.

Because we use so much of it, it’s vital that we do our part to recycle it — the good news is, we are. Paper is recycled more than its thrown out. The process itself takes seven steps to complete:

  1. Step One: Your paper is placed in the bin, which is then taken to a recycling center.
  2. Step Two: The paper is sorted into different grades. This usually has to do with the thickness, weight, and any coatings or colors.
  3. Step Three: After it is sorted, the paper gets stored in bales until a paper mill needs it. When that occurs, it is transferred to the mill for processing.
  4. Step Four: Once it arrives at the mill, large machines known as pulpers shred the paper into small pieces and combine it with a mixture of water and chemicals. The mixture is then heated the pieces of paper break down into fibers.
  5. Step Five: The mixture then gets pressed through a screen to remove any remaining contaminants, such as adhesives.
  6. Step Six: The paper is then cleaned by being spun in a cone-shaped cylinder. The pulp is sent through a machine that sprays it onto a conveyor belt; as water drips through the belt’s screen, paper fibers begin bonding together.
  7. Step Seven: Finally, heated metal rollers dry the fibers, and it is placed into large rolls which can then be made into new paper products.

Though many wholesale paper suppliers rely on recycled paper to manufacture their products, virgin (brand new) paper is also needed to continue the cycle. This is because recycled paper can only be used a handful of times before it begins to fall apart; if your business depends on bulk paper, over-recycled paper may contain inconsistencies, be of poor quality, and may not perform as well. Rather than eliminate a wholesale paper company because it doesn’t use 100% recycled paper, understand why that is. As for your used paper, be sure to recycle it at the end of the day!

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