Happy Heart Strings Paper Garland

Happy Heart Strings Paper Garland

The best thing about Valentine’s Day, and all throughout the year, is sending love to all! Sometimes spreading love doesn’t have to be something you give but just by doing a simple craft. A craft filled with kindness, love, and joy that can have a variety of use.

Just to give a few examples of what you could use this for:

  • Making the month of February, using hearts for every day of the month.
  • Chore chart for family or students
  • String hearts and write notes of encouragement along the string.
  • Teachers can write student’s names on every heart and share a sweet encouragement.
  • Or simply make a string of hearts and place on a refrigerator, a door or wherever it can be enjoyed.
  • Everyone loves a fun craft that spreads the joy of the holiday!

To make this simple craft:

  1. Take your favorite colors of paper and using a heart dye-cut as many hearts as you would like to make your garland. (You could make it long so it could be across the room or short for your door.)
  2. Create a design with your hearts.
  3. With the design, punch holes in the hearts that are in the center of your designs. (Keeping the outer hearts unpunched will allow for them to be posted over the ribbon or yarn that you will be using so you can keep it looking clean and presentable.)
  4. Using your favorite yarn or ribbon insert it between the punched hearts. (I cut my yarn to 5 inches and inserted it between the hearts and tied it together.)
  5. Tape the yarn to the wall.
  6. You are done! Amazing project!

Papers used for this craft:

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