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What Is Cardstock and Why Is it Useful?

Selling wholesale cardstock paper, as well as various other paper products, is something we are passionate about. Why? Because, even with our technological advances, paper serves a big purpose in today’s world. In fact, each office worker in the United States is assumed to use approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every single year.

Cardstock is a popular style due to its durability and versatility. If you looking to buy cardstock wholesale, look no further than us. Not familiar with what cardstock paper is or the many purposes it serves? Read below. Then turn to us for all of your wholesale cardstock paper needs.

About Cardstock Paper

Cardstock is known for being more rigid and sturdy, making it ideal in a variety of settings, while still maintaining a flexible and bendable nature. It typically offers a smooth texture, as well, and you will see it used often in a business setting.

All in all, buying cardstock paper wholesale is the right choice for many organizations since this type of paper is the perfect fit for a wide range of projects and office-related needs.

What Is it Used For?

One thing cardstock paper is often used for is business cards. It gives a professional look, and it holds up well so that people can still see your information even if the card has faced a few spills or bends. When it comes to relaying this important contact info, investing in a dependable platform to display it on is a must.

Cardstock is also ideal for things like catalog covers, postcards, and marketing displays. All in all, when it comes to communicating big ideas and important messages, using cardstock will always take you farther.

This reliable type of paper is useful outside of business settings, as well. Scrapbookers stock up on cardstock, as it offers a great platform for displaying pictures and creating festive cards and greetings. Need some playing cards? Cardstock could be used for that, too! There is no end to the many purposes it serves, so count on us to provide you with the color, texture, and size that is perfect for you.

Need Anything Else?

Along with providing wholesale cardstock paper, we also offer many helpful products, such as bulk envelopes, shimmer paper, and more. If you need to buy paper in bulk, there is no better company to rely on. Browse our site to learn more!

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