Why is Pink and Red is used for Valentines?

Send love in pink and red

Why is Pink and Red is used for Valentines?

Have you ever wondered exactly why we use pink and red on Valentine’s Day? We know, of course, that these hues commonly represent passion, but these colors also have deeper meanings.

Several centuries ago, creating red dye was incredibly expensive, so gifting a red-colored item was considered a grand display of affection. Red is also considered an intentional and eternal color, making it an expression of undying love. When you add white—the purest color of all—to red, you create pink. This symbolizes the clarity and authenticity of your love.

When you use these colors to dress up a heartfelt letter, you’re grounding your love with a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. As you create a love note this Valentine’s Day, keep in mind the rich history that led to our modern representation of love. 

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It’s never the wrong time to send a lovely heartfelt note or letter! Let’s go, share the love.

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