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REMAKE Sand (192C/520gsm) 8.5X11 Card Stock Paper - 10 PK

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Shopping for Paper, 8-1/2-x-11 with Tactile appearance found in the Brown Color Group, 520 GSM (192lb Cover) --learn more about Sand --Remake Paper. Also, jump to our popular help pages for paper help. (To make a successful paper selection, it is important to have a brief understanding of text weight and cover weight papers.) AND envelope help (It is important to remember that inserts must always be smaller than the envelope dimensions.)

Remake Sand (1) Paper Shop with PaperPapers
Remake Sand (1) Paper Shop with PaperPapers

Remake, innovatively eco-friendly, Sand 8-1/2-x-11 Paper, 520 GSM (192lb Cover)

Remake innovative Papers, a luxury paper line, from a revolutionary concept that includes fibers obtained from leather-making processes. Eco friendly with the up-cycle heart of using existing fibers from other manufacturing segments, Remake is produced with 25% by-product from the leather goods industry, along with 30% post consumer fibers and 45% FSC certified virgin pulp. Made with 100% green energy. With committed research, Remake presents itself with luxury and proud to save an estimated 25% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to other papers with similar characteristics.

Out of the research labs of Favini, this complex up-cycled process brings an amazing soft, tactile paper which is visually interesting and touchable. Showing visible fleck, neutral and designer shades, this high-value paper is ideal for many creative application.

PaperPapers sku: RM-811G520-SA-R-- This product listing is selling as, 10 per package. Find related and matching cardstock, paper and envelopes by jumping to Favini pages and viewing more Remake selections. Light differences may occur in paper shade, inclusions and look as a result of the use of natural materials. Suitable for most major print and finishing processes within the scope and limitation of each printer specifications.

Find more details about this product by clicking the more info tab --please contact our team if you have questions.
More Information
WHS_IN 25 - 816
Product type Paper
Oversize or Cutting Fee to be applied No
Brand Remake
Color Name / Brand Specific Sand
Color Range Brown Color Group
Content Fiber 30% Recycled/25% Upcycled
Finish Appearance Tactile
GSM / Basis Wt 520 GSM (192lb Cover)
Manufacturer Favini
Package Quantity 10 per package
Size 8-1/2-x-11
Caliper (Avg) 33.0
Stock Availability Floor Stock
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