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This page is for personalizing a score line on your purchased cardstock.

Note: All sales are final for paper ordered to be Cut or Scored

Please choose your paper and place it in your shopping cart then click the continue shopping icon and come back to this page and select Score Options, then 'add to cart' at which time you will be able to record Scoring Instructions.

For best results, due to grain direction, some paper will need to be scored at a larger size and then cut down. These will be scored on our large machine and due to 'grain specifications' will alter the final yield of your finished product.

If you choose to have us run your job mixed grain, we will run on our smaller machine but this machine will only handle 'small batch' orders.

Large volume scoring (approx. 1000+ sheets) will be processed on our large, high-volume machine.

If you have questions about how to best proceed, please contact our customer service for assistance.

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NOTE FOR SCORING: This is for paper scored from 8-1/2-x-11, 8-1/2-x-14, 11-x-17, 12-x-18, 13-x-19 or 12-x-12 cover weight paper (see limitations above). If requesting score for a special cut size, our maximum length accepted by the scoring machine is 20-inches.

-Scoring is done on cardstock and cover weight paper. 
-This fee is only for your scoring order and is in addition to the cost of your paper. 
-The paper is scored and shipped to you flat. 
-The charge for scoring is one charge per score line. 
 -PLEASE NOTE--The Maximum length of paper we can score is 20 inches.
-We cannot score sampler packs since they are mixed weights.
-We cannot score translucent papers
-MAX weight we score is 118lb Cover

How to handle a Personalized score:


  1. Choose the paper that you want scored and add it to your cart and then click the continue shopping button on your invoice
  2. Go to the SCORING page (this page). (can be found under 'services' in the left navigation column)
  3. Fill out the quantity and type of paper to be scored and give us a detailed description of where you want the scored line. If you are having a hard time with this part, please feel free to email us at and be sure to record in the reference line: SCORING QUESTION
  4. If you want two different scores you will be charged 2 scoring fees. Each score line is one charge. For example, if you want 3 lines on each page, the set up charge for the scoring would be times 3.
  5. If you purchase different colors and want them all scored the same, then there is only one scoring charge according to the number of sheets you want scored. (for example: if you purchase 50 sheets of onyx, 100 sheets of jupiter, 250 parchtone white, and 250 of cougar natural and you want them all scored at 5.5" so the paper folds in half, you would be charged the scoring fee for 650 sheets, which would be $33)
  6. Please remember that if you want the paper both cut and scored, you will also need to fill out the special cuts form and pay for the special cutting fee.
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