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Curious Metallics and Curious Skin | Curious Collection by Arjo Wiggins at PaperPapers

Curious Skin...

Curious SKIN offers matte colors that are amazingly homogeneous with an ultra smooth feel. The very fashionable bold colors heighten the quality of your creations and Skin's visual smoothness entices you to caress it with a soulful gaze or stroke of your hand. Skin is manufactured in 3 weights, 91lb Text, 100lb Cover and 141lb Cover and is suitable for many widely used print techniques.

Curious Metallics...

Full range of color... when sheared metal meets shimmering iridescence! Curious Metallics have this sparkling surface and luminescent sheen on both sides of the sheet. This shimmering paper ranges from neutral warm, cool white to deep blues and grays, with playful shades in between. Curious Metals have excellent lightfast properties and are produced using elemental chlorine-free pulp. Acid-free and are made with naturally occurring pigments. These Iridescent Metallics are Laser & Ink Comp. (Assuming paper weights comply with your printer).

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