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Lynx Opaque Papers

Lynx Opaque is a bright white #1 opaque that offers rich color reproduction, superior image quality and excellent opacity without the cost of a premium paper. Its dependable performance ensures a trouble-free run so you can focus on creating a superior printed piece. High 96 brightness for sharp contrast. Consistent runnability on press. Alkaline/acid-free manufacturing for permanence.

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  1. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 19X25 100lb COVER Weight Paper [600942]
  2. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 19X25 24/60lb TEXT Weight Paper [631500]
  3. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 25X38 24/60lb TEXT Weight Paper [632300]
  4. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 100lb COVER Weight Paper [637400]
  5. Lynx Opaque WHITE - 23X35 65lb COVER Weight Paper [637000]
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