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Stand out with specialty envelopes

Specialty EnvelopesDo you have an invitation to an upcoming R.S.V.P. event that must immediately grab your invitees' attention? Is your company mailing out a great direct-response offer that needs a quick reply? Or, maybe you just have a small, odd-shaped mailer that has to go out in an envelope that fits perfectly? We at know the average household receives dozens of items through the mail each week. A white commercial envelope may work well for a letter head envelope or other documents, but what about items that deviate from the norm? We know the best way to make your message stand out right off the bat, or accommodate an unusual size card or printed material, is our specialty envelopes, such as square envelopes, linen and more. can customize your correspondence with a variety of specialty envelopes so your vital message will never get lost in the mail heap. We can help you find the envelope size, shape, style, texture, color and other features such as address windows to get you the outside package that best reflects the importance of the information inside - and ensure that your message will always cut through the clutter.

Wholesale envelopes can cut business expenses

Wholesale EnvelopesFrom the small, mom and pop operation all the way up to the worldwide, billion-dollar corporate giant, every cost-conscious company has to keep a close watch on business expenses. Nowhere can those costs add up like in the mailroom. This is the place where can help. If your company lives and dies by its business correspondence, can cut the high price of mailing with our wide variety of wholesale envelopes at discount prices when you buy the styles you use the most in bulk. Our choices include not only the standard, commercial flap style, but also specialty envelopes, bubble envelopes, manila envelopes and other wholesale envelopes to meet your particular needs. Keep your supply room and your business account fully stocked with mailing envelopes. bubble mailer envelopes and more with!

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