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A mailing envelope works

Mailing EnvelopeThe proper size mailing envelope is incredibly important when mailing. Not only will it protect your contents from the hazards of the journey but also a correctly sized and shaped envelope keeps the materials from sliding around inside and keep it from potentially damaging itself. After all, it does not make a difference if the contents are protected from exterior threats if it still arrives wrinkled with bent corners from oversized envelopes. carries a huge array of shipping packaging so you will be able to easily find the mailing envelope or other specialty envelope you need. From specially lined or reinforced mailers to over-sized envelopes (in sizes up to twenty-two by twenty-seven inches), the perfect packaging solution awaits you at

A perfect square envelope

Do you want something that is out of the ordinary rectangular shape? Even if your envelope will never actually be mailed, you want the something that will draw attention. A hand delivered card still needs the proper envelope to keep its contents from sliding around and being damaged. If your card is a special creation, then you need the perfect envelope to compliment its unique nature. carries a variety of finishes and shapes, from foil lined linen pieces to the colorful square envelope. Do not let an otherwise beautiful card or gift be marred by a plain white envelope! The exact envelope you need for your project is waiting for you in the extensive selection.

Of course, there is more to discover than simply wholesale envelopes and cardstock on A huge variety of fine paper styles is waiting to be explored. Invitation sets and labels are always in stock. You can even arrange for custom scoring or cutting of your pieces. From a square envelope to the unique paper for your personal stationery, you will find what you need with

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