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Specialty has every sort and size imaginable of specialty envelopes. Shipping envelopes, including bubble wrap lined and cardboard mailers, are well represented, as are decorative styles. When it comes to shipping, the correct envelope can insure that your contents arrive at their destination safely. specialty envelopes cover every conceivable packaging need. Jumbo envelopes up to twenty-two by twenty-seven inches are even available as are catalog and brochure mailers. For heavier packages, cardboard and heavy duty corrugated mailers are offered. Of course if you are looking for something to decorate your missives, has translucent envelopes, foil lined and many other attractive styles.

The real specialty of is decorative paper. Browse through our catalog and you will find an unparalleled collection of high end paper and stationery products. To match the many beautiful and creative things that you will do with the great paper and wholesale envelopes we carry offers a complete line of gorgeous cardstock and envelopes. Sometimes even a simple item, such as a translucent envelope, can be the piece that truly sets off your packaging. Besides our incredible selection of great separates, you will find a complete line of invitation sets, including the standard flat and single folded styles. Linen and even square envelopes are always available from as well. Whether your packages will be perfectly complimented by translucent envelopes or you need unique wedding invitations, has exactly what you need. Remember, custom cutting and scoring is also available to ! make your paper products truly unique.

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