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Translucent envelopes' simple elegance

Translucent EnvelopesHave you ever opened a wedding invitation, baby shower announcement or direct mail piece that you remember as being particularly memorable? The ones in the tidy package with one of those dainty, little translucent envelopes embracing an elegantly printed note? You may even have wondered about the purpose of a second card envelope in the mailing. There's a reason for the extra steps: the exquisiteness of the materials and the attention to detail convey a strong signal the recipient that not only is this event important, but that they are important as well.

Gain a friend, reconnect with a relative or make a sale. The quietly upscale style of our beautiful, translucent envelopes says it all.

Customize greetings with card envelopes

Card EnvelopesInvitations and announcements to loved ones, marketing materials and other special occasion mailings have to look professional and respectful if they are to clearly send the right message - the message written in the correspondence and the secondary, unspoken message that is written between the lines. That unspoken communication is made in the way a written communication is presented. That's why it is so important that cards and card envelopes fit the message and fit together well. A low-quality, unsightly or poorly chosen material speaks louder than even the most profound written words. What will your mailing materials say about you and to your intended audience?

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